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Tips for Safe Snow Shoveling

Every winter, about 1,200 Americans die from a cardiac incident, such as a heart attack, during or after a snowstorm. Shoveling snow is often the cause of the cardiac incident. It is recommended that people with low physical activity, or those who rarely exercise, abstain from shoveling. The sudden stress shoveling can put on an inactive persons heart could be fatal.

  • 9 Jul 2017

Things You'll Need To Know To Buy The Right Snow Plow

Over the last couple of decades the snowplow industry has changed a lot, mainly due to the introduction of several new products that make snowplowing easier, faster, and safer.

The introduction of these new products is a two edged sword; yes it makes things easier, but at the same time it also makes the process of deciding on a snowplow a little more involved.

  • 5 Jul 2017

Simply Making the Snow Shovel Better

The snow shovel is similar in design to the standard shovel, except for a few noticeable differences. The snow shovel has been designed with scooping snow in mind, not digging in the dirt as what standard shovels are designed to do. Because of this, the snow shovel doesn't have a pointed blade, and its width is larger than the normal.

  • 25 Jul 2017
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7 Jul 2017
Posted By Jake H.

How To Decide On The Correct Tires For Driving In The Harsh Conditions Of Winter

One of the most important decisions that you will have your life time is choosing what type of tires to buy for your automobile. The most important time when choosing tires is in the winter. Many places now days it snows and have ice on the road ways, which can be very dangerous and deadly to drive on. This is not a hard thing to do if you have the right information to choose your tires in the winter.
12 Jul 2017
Posted By Erika G.

The Right and Safe Way to Get Rid of Snow

White snow is a gorgeous scene to behold, and already, it has become part of our culture; something for the kids to enjoy. There is nothing wrong with this, and I believe that snow can really be the herald for a remarkable occasion. Though, there is one big problem, and that is the fact that snow doesn't stay as gorgeous as it is. The snow will get dirty as the weeks pass and it will start to eventually turn into muddy muck that befouls your home.
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8 Aug 2017
Posted By Kayla Z.

The Best Snow Shovel Helps You Use it While Upright

The larger your front lawn and backyard is, the more effort you're going to have to take to shovel off the snow during the winter. Of course, you probably already know that keeping it there until everything melts is a stupid idea; once it melts, it floods into your home and becomes even more problematic. And unlike mowing the lawn, you can't just designate it to a youngster for some loose change; shoveling snow is serious physical work.
3 Jul 2017

â–º 2015 Ford F-150 Snow Plow

The new 2015 Ford F-150 is the toughest, smartest and most capable F-150 ever, and it's also the only light-duty truck with an available snow plow prep kit for ...

4 Aug 2017

Toro Powermax 826 OE

Toro Powermax 826 OE.

3 Aug 2017

Toro Power Shovel Electric Snow Thrower Review- 38361

This video: Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower Review. Hi Guys, today I'm out in the freezing cold reviewing the Toro Power Shovel 7.5 ...

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